In my three years of doing photography, I am 100% self-taught. Comparing myself now to where I was when I first started, there are so many things I wish I could tell myself, just to help me get going even faster! I am more than happy to share with others all of the tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. You can even read about my journey in the post below!

I have four different options for you to choose from so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs!



One-on-one mentoring can be done in person or over Skype and are 60 minutes long. If you live close enough that you want to travel to my apartment in Utah County, then you can totally come over. If you are in a location that I will be traveling to, we can also set up a time to meet up. If you are unable to travel to me, or would just rather Skype, we can Skype! We can go over any questions that you have for me. We can go over editing, posing, marketing, shooting, etc.



I will set up a styled shoot for you to come shoot alongside me. I can go over posing with you and answer questions for you on-the-spot. These sessions will last 60 minutes, and must take place in Utah County. We can shoot formals, studio, in-home, or engagements.


This will be a combination of a styled shoot that I set up just for you! I shoot alongside you and answer your questions on-the-spot. Afterwards, we will head back to my home where we will spend 60 minutes going over any other questions about photography that you may have!



You will be allowed to come shadow me during a wedding day. I will get permission from the bride and groom beforehand, and you will not be allowed to bring your camera. You can come observe and ask me questions. Other than the ceremony, you will be able to be alongside me the entire time. I will walk you through my process of taking family photos and tips and tricks I have learned for the wedding day.