Hi, I am Alice & I like to shoot people.

On January 16, 2017, I received an Instagram message that read, “So Alice, you don’t know me. Haha so I’ll keep this short. You’re beyond gorgeous, so I’m wondering out of alllll the messages you’re probably getting all the time, what are my chances of actually being able to take you out sometime?” A few days later, I went out with that boy, and it was the last first date I ever had. Kellon spent the next 10 months winning over my heart, and on November 22, 2017, he became my forever sweetheart. We were married in Salt Lake City, and it really was such a wonderful day.

I introduce you to Kellon because when you let me photograph your love story, chances are you will get the both of us as a package deal. Kellon is my best friend, and the more time I can spend with him, the better! He tends to tag along on all of my photo adventures. It is a big part of our lives together, and I absolutely love it.

We currently live in Orem, Utah, where Kellon is finishing his Finance degree. I recently graduated with my degree in Experience Design & Management, too. I have been photographing people since I was in 8th grade, but I finally purchased professional gear and starting photographing weddings about three and a half years ago. It genuinely is my passion & I am constantly finding ways to make myself different than everyone around me.

Kellon and I both grew up in small towns in Idaho. In fact, I grew up in the potato capital of the world! My home was literally surrounded by potato fields as I was growing up. I am the third of seven children. I grew up loving sports and playing outside, and I still LOVE being outdoors.

Kellon and I travel together almost every weekend. If it isn’t for a photoshoot, we are traveling to visit friends, family, or to explore a new place. We LOVE food! We love cooking together and trying new restaurants. If you know of any good places, let us know! Really, we just love spending time together. We love meeting new people, playing games, and hikes. We love trying anything new. The greater the adventure, the more we are up for it.

I spend most of my time taking photos, editing my photos, and running my business. I am overly obsessed with cheese and flavored carbonated water. I love pasta, pumpkin curry, and anything my husband cooks. I have a circulation disorder that makes my body extra sensitive to cold. I am a total summer and warmth person. I have had my leg reconstructed a few different times, so I rock a pretty cool scar.

Anyways, this is me and a little about my story! I cannot wait to get to know YOU and your love story!

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