My family got a game for Christmas that we have been DYING to play. 
It is called Bean Boozled.
Not even kidding, Brooke has been obsessing over it and begging us to play. 
This afternoon, we finally got around to playing it. 
Here’s how it works!

So that is a wheel! It has each color on it, and you spin the wheel to see which one you are going to eat.

There are two flavors for each color—one yummy flavor and one horrid flavor.

This is the list of the flavors:

In case you can’t see them, this is the list, too!
1. Tutti-fruitti or Stinky Socks
2. Buttered Popcorn or Rotten Egg
3. Peach or Barf
4. Juicy Pear or Booger
5. Baby Wipes or Coconut
6. Lime or Lawn Clipping
7. Berry Blue or Toothpaste
8. Canned Dog Food or Chocolate Pudding
9. Caramel Corn or Moldy Cheese
10. Licorice or Skunk Spray
So here’s the thing. I didn’t think it would be that bad because I remember eating the Harry Potter ones years ago, and they didn’t really phase me. OH WAS I IN FOR A TREAT!!!
The barf one was SO BAD, and my dad kept getting that one. Hahahahaha…..eventually we made a rule that if you have already had the bad one of that color, you didn’t have to eat it. At the very end, we just passed the cup around, closed our eyes, and ate it. 
I definitely filmed the entire thing, and I am so glad that we did. This is hilarious. 
The first video is pretty lengthy, but you get to see all of our reactions. The second one is shorter, but shows the reactions faster. Definitely worth watching both because I have already watched them each multiple times. 
These beans killed me…..almost literally. 
I still have traces of the taste in my mouth.